About us

The beginning of a fairy tale

Once upon a time in Colombia ...

A few years ago, we traveled around this magical and fascinating country called Colombia. It was the coffee zone, called "Eje Cafetero", which we particularly liked. Coffee plantations in a region of the size of Wales, which possess a beauty as hardly any other land cultivated by man can produce.

In the shelter of the mighty green mountains and under the shadow of the banana trees, the coffee plant thrives here, one beside the other in an almost endless expanse, inviting everyone to dine and taste a cup of unmistakably mild Colombian coffee.

Single Origin

Light or shadow, dryness or rain, rich soil or barren subsoil, cool highlands or hot valley; These are just a few of the many factors that influence the taste of the coffee bean.

Especially in Colombia, these factors change very quickly, as the position on the equator and the Andes produce an incredible variety of many different microclimates.

Due to the variety of growth conditions, the flavor of a coffee bean in Colombia is nowhere the same.


In Colombia, therefore, many fincas, (farms), sell their own coffee. Everything is harvested and roasted from a single plantation. Each coffee retains its characteristic flavor and thus becomes unique. This is what you call "single origin".

Moreover, the purity of the coffee bean is of great importance to the taste. Arabica is probably the best-known variety, which also has dozens of sub-varieties.

Sustainable and Equitable

Since the coffee beans are roasted and "refined" on site, the entire production chain is located in Colombia. This generates for the coffee farmers a sustainable economy, who can achieve the maximum profit with their pre-packaged coffee.

Banana plants provide shade. The coffee thus develops a sweet and chocolate aroma.

Our idea

In Germany, the offering of these "single finca" and pure species coffees is extremely unsatisfactory. Rarely can the exact origin of a coffee be traced, and often in several coffee varieties of different continents are mixed together in a package. With a good bottle of wine this would be unimaginable.


Plazas & Casco Company gives the coffee bean the importance it deserves and supports the farmers they have personally met on their travels.

Only once you've tasted a cup of freshly brewed Colombian single-origin coffee, you will know what the difference is. Plazas & Casco Company would like you bring you this pleasure. You will be delighted!